How to build a Wolter Koops Eco-combi

Posted on 08-02-2019

Wolter Koops recently added a number of new Eco combi’s to its fleet. A higher loadcapacity of this vehicle makes it possible to move the same volume of goods with less transports, which has a  favourable effect on the quantity of CO2 emitted.

The construction and configuration of these eco-combi’s is partly carried out in-house like:  painting the chassis, mounting of tanks and refridgerating units, the installation of the boardcomputer, mounting the loading-unit on the chassis and application of the Wolter Koops livery.

The photo-report below gives an insight into this process.

Arrival from factory.
Preparing the painting of chassis and rims.
painting the chassis.
mounting the loading unit on the chassis.
installation of the refrigerating units.
adding the Wolter Koops livery on the truck.
ready for deployment!


Als groeiende onderneming zijn wij regelmatig op zoek naar gemotiveerde collega’s die onze verschillende afdelingen willen komen versterken. Wolter Koops heeft een scala aan functies binnen haar organisatie. Van planner tot chauffeur. Van controller tot reachtrucker.

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