Quality & Innovation

On time delivery of your products in a closed cold chain.

Foodsafe handling & transport

Deliver your products in good condition, food-safe and on time; that is what it is all about.
Our processes are certified and our people are trained regularly. Quality also means: offering tailor-made services and being flexible to come to a solution that fit best.

We make use of modern and well maintained equipment. Our level of innovation and automation make our logistics solutions efficient, flexible and transparent and allow us to inform you on the status of your shipments in time. Our team of professionals is working hard every day to provide you with the service you expect from us.

Our certifications


human capital

Our people are the driving force behind the services we offer. Each day, our team of specialists works to deliver your shipments safely and on time to your customers. We invest in training and education to continue to meet our high quality standards.


We are constantly looking how we can optimise our processes and services. The use of new techniques and automation of business processes are an important part of this.

systems and technology

Automation and information technology play an important role in supporting our business processes.
All our vehicles are equipped with a boardcomputer and documentscanner, direcly linked to our Transport Management System.

A real-time overview of our operations allows us to organise our transport as efficiently as possible and inform you on the status of your shipments.

Clear information and communication

Information on the logistics process is an essential part of our service; you want certainty about the status of your shipments and we have to be able to monitor the quality and efficiency of our services and improve them where necessary.

The use of on-board computers in the trucks, integrated with our Transport Management System (TMS) allow us to have a quick overview of the work and allow us to anticipate on changing circumstances.

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