Posted on 22-01-2015

The new Wolter Koops 8.4-hectare logistics centre in Zeewolde was recently presented with the BREEAM certificate. BREEAM is a methodology for the evaluation of the sustainability performance of real estate. Comparing the design with this standard and constructing in accordance with these standards will increase the sustainability of buildings in the urban environment. This will benefit users, society and the environment. The office, the workshop/truck wash and cross docking centre are all certified. A significant number of sustainability measures were included in the design. The most innovative element is the use of heat released when the freezer is refrigerated to heat the other buildings. This means that there is very little demand for traditional heat generation using, for example, central heating boilers, which saves a great deal of energy. Other sustainable design measures are the installation of charging poles for electric vehicles and an ecologist was involved in the design and construction process. This ecologist ensures that the impact on flora and fauna is limited during the construction process and that the ecological value increases during use. A great deal of attention was also devoted to adequate daylight, the operation of lights and climate control and other comfort factors. Lighting is provided using LED lights with intelligent switching.


Als groeiende onderneming zijn wij regelmatig op zoek naar gemotiveerde collega’s die onze verschillende afdelingen willen komen versterken. Wolter Koops heeft een scala aan functies binnen haar organisatie. Van planner tot chauffeur. Van controller tot reachtrucker.

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