We organise your transport and logistics from modern logistics centres.

Over the years, Wolter Koops has clearly developed its concept of logistics distribution centres located in strategically chosen locations in or near the sales area. Reason? The market’s need for frequent and fast deliveries of small shipments and our aim to optimise logistic flows. Therefore these centres have become an important link in the time-critical groupage transport segment.

Wolter Koops Zeewolde

Address: Fabricageweg 20 – 3899 AV Zeewolde – the Netherlands

Wolter Koops Venlo

Address: Venrayseweg 126 A – 5928 RH Venlo – the Netherlands

Wolter Koops Sulzetal

Address: Freibergerstraße 3 – 7 – 39171 Sülzetal – Germany

Wolter Koops Alzenau

Address: Industriegebiet Süd E 10 – 63755 Alzenau – Germany

Wolter Koops KOMORNIKI

Address: Ul. Fabianowska 160 – 62 – 052 Komorniki – Poland

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